Our company is expanding and we are looking for exceptionally strong mathematicians to work with us as Quantitative Trader across multiple asset classes.

Traders the first who find market inefficiencies, identify trading opportunities and profit/risk targets, analyze trading data to improve strategies and infrastructure and get high compensation in form of base fix and mostly solid bonuses.
We’ll trust you:
- Research augumentations for existing trading strategies as well as design and testing the new ones
- Manage the portfolio of strategies and maintain tuning parameters of trading algorithms to optimise portfolio returns
- Explore new trading ideas by analyzing market data and microstructure for patterns and insights
- Analyze non-standard cases and anomalies of trading operations (explore transactions and metrics, test hypotheses to fix problems)
- Reporting on market conditions, testing new features and setting up tasks for engineering teams
- Growing up our trading activity for new markets and asset classes
We are looking for:
- Completed Degree from top-tier university (i.e. Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, etc.) with outstanding personal achievements in Maths and any quantitative field (olympiads, academic competitions, etc.)
- Highly proficient in probability and statistics as well as solid data-mining and analysis skills
- Familiar with signal generation and statistical techniques (auto-regression, auto-correlation etc.) and basic engineering skills (Python/Bash-scripts, Linux/Unix-systems)
- Perseverance, confident, resilient and highly motivated individualwith strong interpersonal and quick mental calculations skills
- Ability to manage multiple tasks and thrive in a fast-paced team environment
- Capable to work in close collaboration with collegues from office and another locations
Talents are our main asset
We do everything to make our employees feel good: so that everyone at Àlber Blanc can fully devote himself to  what he loves and unleash his potential. From our side we will take care of your comfort.
Working place
Àlber Blanc CAPITAL Group has offices in Cyprus and Switzerland. The majority of our team is located in Limassol and occupies a comfortable open space, facilitating the exchange of ideas and collaboration on projects.

Excessive bureaucracy and formalism are alien to us, we have abandoned the dress code and fixed schedule. We trust employees, provide freedom of action and do not interfere in the creative process.
Modern workplace with light interior
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We will always find vacant places for talented people.
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