In 2010, two young physicists - Nikita and Anton - disrupted option market making at MOEX. Their in-house developed trading system and algorithms were making 30% of market volumes in index options in average.
Later in 2015 they decided to scale up to new markets. That/'s how Alber Blanc was started.
Anton Babushkin
The mastermind behind our systems architecture, Anton designed and led the development of our trading system, databases, analytical and monitoring tools written in Python, Java and C++.
Nikita Masyukov
The founding father of our algorithmic trading approach, Nikita provides a vision for our trading team and helps us all set priorities. He also advises on the development and improvement of new and existing algorithms.
Our Team
Sergei Vasilev
Lead risk management expert of Àlber Blanc, one of the co-founders of the company. Also he explores new markets, analyzes funds allocation and trading strategies performance. Graduate of Mathematics of SpbGU.
Pavel Davydov
CTO and Senior C++ Developer. Performs, plans and coordinates coding tasks and interviews developers. Graduate of SpbGU, Faculty of PM-PU, Applied Mathematics and Informatics.
Roman Khmelev
Senior trader of Àlber Blanc with over 10 years of experience. He explores new markets, creates and improves trading strategies to achieve maximum efficiency of transactions. Graduate of Mathematics and the Faculty of Economics of SpbGU.
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