Àlber Blanc holds a portfolio of innovative companies in the field of finance, digital assets, telecommunications and autonomous flying vehicles. Our projects are connected to each other and our team works in close collaboration. Starting with one project 10 years ago, we now have four branches and look forward to growing new ones and achieve new heights.
Algorithmic trading business is at the core of Àlber Blanc. We have 10 years' experience in the field, operate in 7 countries, trade equities, bonds, futures, options and FX, and engage in professional market making activities.
Digital Assets
Our company holds a private Fund dedicated to digital assets trading. We operate on 15 exchanges, trade major coins, small and new exchange-traded coins, stablecoin and fiat pairs, spot and derivative contracts.

    • long years of close collaboration with each other;
    • independence in determining our work priorities, but responsibility to the needs of the team and goals of the company;
    • working language is Russian, technical and communication skills in English are expected;
    • annual corporate events abroad;
    • no bureaucracy, direct communication between colleagues and teams;
    • semi-annual and annual performance review and bonuses
      and many more advantages of working with us.

      We are looking forward to seeing talented and focused professionals join our team.