Senior Frontend / Software Engineer
We are looking for an experienced Senior Frontend / Software Engineer who is passionate about working with high-scalable multi-user distributed data systems for users who require very high levels of performance and availability.

Our GUI team develops and supports a graphical interface for trading analytics, which is used by our employees - traders and analysts, backend developers.
We use:
- TypeScript 4.6
- React 18, Mui components, Pixi for drawing graphics
- We describe the components using modular CSS
- Mobx State Tree, pure Mobx, Redux
- We build the web application using Next.js
- We write backend for frontend on Node.js (Express.js)
- We use Postgres as a storage
- We use WebSocket to communicate with the backend
We’ll trust you:
- Communicate with users (traders, analysts, backend developers) to clarify requirements and provide a better solution.
- Design API of components/services.
- Research and making decisions regarding the technical implementation of components, both frontend and backend (services, database).
- Web application development using ReactJS.
- Backend development for frontend (BFF) application on Node.js.
- Development of a database (Postgres) for front-end applications.
- Working to improve the performance of the existing application.
- Writing tests to prove your result matches the requirements: unit, integration, e2e.
- Review code of and prepare docs for teammates.
- Creating Docker containers for components, describing the deployment configuration in a Kubernetes cluster.
- CI/CD configuration.
Required Skills:
- Object-oriented programming / Software Design Principles / Design Patterns.
- System thinking.
- Understanding of the development process from both technical and organisational point of view.
- Understanding of such architecture approaches like MVVM/Redux.
- Understanding of BEM/components in mind. 
- Application testing (Jest)
- Optimization of web applications, understanding how the browser works, ability to profile the application in terms of its performance. 
- Understanding things like mission, principles, goals, standards and how to use them.
- Internal motivation to create a high-quality product and achieve high results.
- Solving problems through suggestions.
- High level proficiency in one of the languages: TypeScript / Python / Java / Kotlin...
- Proficiency in one of the libraries: React / Vue / Angular 2+ / Flutter.
- Basic skills in working with relational DBMS.
Talents are our main asset
We do everything to make our employees feel good: so that everyone at Àlber Blanc can fully devote himself to  what he loves and unleash his potential. From our side we will take care of your comfort.
Working place
Àlber Blanc CAPITAL Group has offices in Cyprus, Switzerland and Netherlands. The majority of our team is located in Limassol and occupies a comfortable open space, facilitating the exchange of ideas and collaboration on projects.

Excessive bureaucracy and formalism are alien to us, we have abandoned the dress code and fixed schedule. We trust employees, provide freedom of action and do not interfere in the creative process.
Modern workplace with light interior
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