We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer who is passionate about working with high-scalable multi-user distributed data systems for users who require very high levels of performance and availability.

In this position, you will join a highly creative and passionate team to develop a platform to provide a standard set of tooling for the Model Development Life Cycle (MDLC), which includes tools for the early stages of development and data exploration, to experimentation and large-scale training, all the way to live inference.
We’ll trust you:
- Innovate and design solutions that keep in mind strict production SLA: low latency/high throughput, multi-tenancy, high availability, reliability across clusters/data centers, etc.
- Work closely with Core-team to develop new platforms, infrastructure and tools that will allow for ML applications at production scale over ever-growing datasets
- Interact closely with researchers to understand workflows, pinpoint and resolve inefficiencies, and inform the next set of features for the platform
- Support and development of the data upload layer from C++ (proprietary storage) to Python for training models and migrate existing models from Python to C++
- Automate operations and improve observability of the platform by integrating with systems for metrics and distributed tracing
- Model performance optimization in production (struggle for 10s of microseconds)
We’re looking for:
- Advanced degree in Computer Science with strong fundamentals in algorithms, data structures and distributed systems design and development
- Deep-level knowledge of cloud-native data technologies, modern data engineering practices, frameworks, etc.
- A passion for providing reliable and scalable ML infrastructure and experience in building automatic pipelines for learning-deployment models (Airflow, MLflow, Kubeflow etc.)
- Highly proficient in С++, Python, Linux and AWS services in relation to data analytics & AI/ML technologies
- Up to date with MapReduce/BigData stack and understanding of the principles of data processing in distributed systems
- Hands-on experience as DataEngineer/MLOps with a proven track record of successful projects in a collaborative, fast-paced environment
Talents are our main asset
We do everything to make our employees feel good. So that everyone at Àlber Blanc can fully devote himself to what he loves and unleash his potential. From our side we will take care of your comfort.
Working place
Àlber Blanc CAPITAL Group has offices in Cyprus, Switzerland and Netherlands. The majority of our team is located in Limassol and occupies a comfortable open space, facilitating the exchange of ideas and collaboration on projects.

Excessive bureaucracy and formalism are alien to us, we have abandoned the dress code and fixed schedule. We trust employees, provide freedom of action and do not interfere in the creative process.
Modern workplace with light interior
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