We are not only a team in work
But also in life
Each year we have a corporate trip for all our team.

We choose the most beautiful places in the world with fantastic views and interesting things to do.
August, 2019
For our holiday we chose Zermatt, Switzerland and spent there 4 days.
The peculiarity of this place is that you can ski up in the mountains 3,883 metres above sea level even in August. Matterhorn glacier is Europe's highest mountain station.
But the lower you go, the warmer it gets.
Here you can see the same place in the Alps, but it seems far more like August weather.
September, 2018
We are in love with Italy and no wonder that one of our offices is in Savona.
We have explored different Italian regions and in September it was Tuscany, which is known for its breathtaking landscapes, ancient architecture and a huge number of vineyards.
July, 2017
We love Italy.
We adore mountains.
Mountains in Italy? Sounds like an ideal journey for us, so we spent some October days in western Piedmont near the Monte Granero, peak in the Cottian Alps.