C++ Software Developer
We are looking for talented and experienced software engineers to develop, optimize and support our systems and tools. We have a large variety of roles for C++ developers. Some of them are:
  • Optimizing our unique trading framework. Can you squeeze a 10-microsecond task into 1 microsecond? Perfect, we need you.
  • Developing and optimizing connectors to new or existing electronic markets. FIX, FAST, ITCH, SBE, etc. are low latency trading protocols that we use. Slower HTTP REST and WebSocket connectors are also present.
  • Optimizing backtest infrastructure. Developing new trading algorithms requires a lot of testing. It is always good if test runs faster.
  • Time series database evolution. We have implemented our own database that is used to store market history. Backtest performance highly depends on it.
Your particular responsibilities will depend on your experience and personal preferences.

We are looking for you if you are:
  • Fluent in C++ (we use C++17) and algorithms
  • Self-motivated, smart and creative, prefer to be on the cutting edge of technology
  • Able to write code that works 24/7

Even better if you:
  • Have working experience with multithreading/concurrency/lock-free
  • Have contributed a lot to open source
  • Wrote ultra-low latency applications in the past
  • Love Linux as much as we do
  • Used vector instructions for performance
  • Have solid experience with networks

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      C++ Developer (DSP)
      We are working on a HF radio low latency data transmission system. The algorithms are implemented on both FPGA (primary processing) and CPU under Linux (high-level part of the demodulation algorithm).

      You will be responsible for:
      • Development and implementation of modulation/demodulation algorithms in C++: synchronization, equalizer, error correction coding
      • Working with network protocols (UDP)
      • Integration of various blocks and software elements among themselves: radio modem, software part on CPU, GUI

      Requirements for a candidate:
      • High knowledge of С++ 11/14/17
      • Linux development experience
      • Experience with network protocols (UDP) and binary protocols
      • Knowledge of DSP algorithms
      • Mathematical mind and appropriate education
      • Experience in optimizing C++ code for speed and resource consumption
      • Ability to initiate and participate in technical discussions
      • Technical English for reading professional literature
      • Understanding of wired and wireless communication basic principles
      • Independence and experience of successful project implementation

      Your advantage will be:
      • Experience using Matlab for DSP tasks
      • Experience in developing radio modems
      • Experience creating GUI (Java, Web)

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          ARM Developer (STM32, C/C++)
          We invite a talented ARM Developer to join our MicroAvia team (

          • Software development and support for electronics based on STM32
          • Debugging and integration of various devices among themselves

          Basic skills:
          • Confident knowledge of C, C ++, development experience in C ++ for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers
          • Experience in projects with STM32 and peripherals (UART, CAN, USB, SPI, I2C, SD, PWM)
          • Knowledge of cmake, gcc, gdb, git
          • Understanding of digital and analog electronics, reading basic electronic circuits
          • Ability to understand someone else's code, teamwork
          • Knowledge of technical English (searching and reading documentation)

          Your big advantage will be:
          • Experience in development under ChibiOS
          • Knowledge of C ++ 11/14, Python, Java, Go
          • Experience in development under Linux
          • Knowledge of network protocols
          • Experience with Altium Designer
          • Knowledge of applied mathematics: quaternion, Kalman filter, PID regulator

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              Hardware Engineer
              We are looking for electronic engineer for development of various components of the system: UAV onboard electronics (power, peripherals, wireless, image processing units), landing station modules (battery charger, motor control) and other.

              Work will include:
              • Schematics and PCB development of new units
              • Development of new versions of existing units
              • Assembly and testing of prototypes
              • Measurements of technical characteristics
              • Collaborating with other engineers (electronics, mechanics, software) in the team

              Required skills:
              • Analog and digital schematics design
              • Altium Designer
              • Soldering (SMD, soldering station, fan, soldering oven)
              • Working with oscilloscope, multimeter, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, generator
              • Microcontrollers (STM32): programming (C, better C++), I2C, SPI, UART, PWM, CAN, ADC

              Even better if you have experience with:
              • FPGA
              • Radio modem chips and modules (Sub-GHz, LTE, SDR)
              • Power electronics: high power buck-boost converters (20-30A, 50V)
              • SoM (NVIDIA Jetson TX2): Linux device tree, CSI-2, HDMI, PCIe

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                  Quantitative trader
                  Our company is expanding, and we are looking for a talented trader - analyst in the field of algorithmic and digital assets trading to work with us.

                  Your principal responsibilities:
                  • Analysis of the trading systems
                  • Optimization of existing trading strategies and development of new ones
                  • Reporting on market conditions
                  • Setting tasks for programmers

                  What you need for this work:
                  • Higher education in mathematics or physics
                  • The desire to develop in the field of algorithmic trading
                  • Knowledge of programming basics (the experience of writing the simplest scripts)
                  • Level of English proficiency - Intermediate and higher
                  • Analytical mind, perseverance, quick mental calculations, willingness to work with large amounts of information
                  • Availability of scientific publications is your big plus

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                      HR manager
                      We are looking for an HR manager who will be able to understand the goals and tasks of the company and proactively find appropriate people to solve them.

                      In our company there is an almost horizontal model of communication between all the members, so an important function of the HR manager will be to analyze the effectiveness of employees and their motivation, as well as participation in the development of the corporate values.

                      Another key function will be to increase brand awareness and attractiveness from an HR perspective.

                      Our expectations from the candidate:
                      • Experience as HR Manager in IT company
                      • The ability to evaluate CVs and conduct initial interviews with IT professionals
                      • The ability to express your thoughts in Russian verbally and in writing competently and concisely
                      • English proficiency at Upper Int level and above

                      What are the challenges you will face:
                      • Proactive vacancy creation based on an understanding of the company's goals
                      • Placement of vacancies and search for candidates in communities
                      • Conducting initial interviews with candidates
                      • Support of employees at all stages of work in the company
                      • Analysis of employees ' efficiency, atmosphere and mood in the team
                      • Incident management
                      • Improvement of managerial competencies of executives
                      • Participation in HR brand development projects

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