A long-distance radio communication system with ultra-low latency is one of the activities of our team.
This system is designed to organize a communication channel with a limited bandwidth between trading platforms: London – Moscow 2500 km, Chicago – London 5000 km, etc.

For communication at such distances, we use signals in the High Frequency band between 3 to 30 MHz, which are distributed by reflection from the ionospheric layer of the Earth. This effect allows us not to use intermediate relay points and organize communication between sites directly. This communication system is integrated into our trading system, which allows us to use the limited channel bandwidth with a low latency as efficiently as possible.

At such large distances between the transmitter and the receiver, the signal propagates not in the line-of-sight, but with numerous reflections from the ionosphere and the earth's surface, which leads to a large attenuation and strong distortion. Therefore, we use non-trivial data decoding and recovery algorithms developed by our team for a successful reception. Also, our reception algorithms provide minimal data latency in the communication channel, which provides an advantage over standard communication channels on fiber optics.

To create a successful communication system, our team develops not only software solutions, but also hardware for receiving and transmitting signals, built on SDR technology using FPGA. In our company the full cycle of development and production of equipment of radio communication is organized: processors, microcontrollers and FPGA programming, development of PCB, PCB assembly, mechanical assembly works, making radio measurements and tests.
Algorithmic trading business is at the core of Àlber Blanc. We have 10 years' experience in the field, operate in 7 countries, trade equities, bonds, futures, options and FX, and engage in professional market making activities.
Microavia is Àlber Blanc`s venture project inspired by Anton Babushkin who was one of the main contributors in PX4 autopilot. The main goal of Microavia is to connect copters, landing stations, telemetry and video links and air traffic management systems in the safe and scalable autonomous infrastructure.
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Digital Assets
Our company holds a private Fund dedicated to digital assets trading. We operate on 15 exchanges, trade major coins, small and new exchange-traded coins, stablecoin and fiat pairs, spot and derivative contracts.
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