Algorithmic trading
Algorithmic trading business is at the core of Àlber Blanc.
We have 10 years' experience in the field, operate in 7 countries, trade equities, bonds, futures, options and FX, and engage in professional market making activities.

We are equally good at IT development and Trading that are the main processes at the core of Algorithmic Trading.

Our IT department creates a fully proprietary in-house solution, which is ultra-fast, distributed, highly scalable and agile. We use cutting edge hardware, latest compilers and linux OS versions. This allows us to create and maintain a trading framework that adopts to any new markets or market changes fast, is scalable, flexible and provide perfect performance and reliability.

Our IT infrastructure includes servers 10 datacenters and channels between them.

Algorithmic trading activity is proprietarily held, which brings us the flexibility and at the same time makes us extremely conscious of risks. As a marker of our responsible risk-management, technical glitches or losses due to a misplaced position occurs only twice a year or even more rarely. Last time it happened more than 1.5 years ago.

Àlber Blanc provides professional services for financial markets. Being one of the market makers in the MOEX derivatives market, we perform activities on various exchanges.

We are proud of winning in the category of "profitability", showing for three months 8000% growth with our robot_Panda in the contest "Best private investor 2010".
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Other branches
Digital Assets
Our company holds a private Fund dedicated to digital assets trading. We operate on 15 exchanges, trade major coins, small and new exchange-traded coins, stablecoin and fiat pairs, spot and derivative contracts.
One of the activities of our team is a long-distance radio communication system with ultra-low latency. This system is designed to organize a communication channel with a limited bandwidth between trading platforms: London — Moscow 2500 km, Chicago — London 5000 km, etc.
Microavia is Àlber Blanc`s venture project inspired by Anton Babushkin who was one of the main contributors in PX4 autopilot. The main goal of Microavia is to connect copters, landing stations, telemetry and video links and air traffic management systems in the safe and scalable autonomous infrastructure.
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